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Reinstalling doesn’t always find the correct locations for the apps to show in CC 2015Retrieved 15 December 2016You can be fairly loose with your spline because the Planar Tracker is intelligent enough to discard the pixel movement that does not move similarly enoughHardware: Recommended HardwareProcessor:Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent Memory:4 GB + Disk:High-speed disk array Graphics Card:NVDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent Monitor:19201080 or higher Network:Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet)Minimal Requirements:Processor: At least 1-GHz Pentium IVDisk:At least 1 GB Memory:At least 1 GB Graphics card:Must support OpenGL Monitor:Minimum resolution 1200800 pixels Network:Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet) Licensing options: nodelocked only Features Resolution & Frame Rate Independent (HD, 4K, 48fps, etc) 2.5D Planar Tracking AdjustTrack Module X-spline and Bezier roto tools with per-point edge feathering Advanced Roto Tools: Transform Tool& Join Layers Layer Manager: color spline, color fill, group layers, multi-select 3D Camera Solve Module (for After Effects & HitFilm only) Dopesheet Keyframe Editor Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts Lens Module: Lens distortion analysis with distort & undistort for (After Effects only) Color Fill Shape Rendering (Export to mocha shape for After Effects) Export track data Adobe After Effects CS3 Creative Cloud Apple: Final Cut Pro v7 Apple Motion 4, 5 Boris FX: BCC Continuum Track Format: (supports Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Avid Media Composer, Symphony & Sony Vegas Pro) Export roto data Apple: Final Cut Pro v7 (with freemocha shape for Final Cutplug-in) Adobe After Effects CS3 CC (with free mocha shape for After Effectsplug-in) Adobe After Effects CS6 CC (paste to mask layer) Adobe Premiere Pro CC (paste to mask) Export 3D Camera Adobe After Effects CS4 CC HitFilm 2 Ultimate Export Lens Data Adobe After Effects CS4-CC (withmocha Lensplug-in) Compare Products Here Case Studies Artist Spotlight: Teddy Gage, Problem Solving with Mocha Pro Jun 20 2017 View Case Study OMSTUDIOS Drives into the 360 Fast Lane Jun 07 2017 View Case Study The HyperZoom Technique Takes Flight with Mocha Pro & After Effects May 10 2017 View Case Study Mocha VR in the News: Notable 360 Video Projects from the Virtual Front Mar 15 2017 View Case Study East Side Effects Clears Tech Hurdles on Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk with mocha Pro Jan 10 2017 View Case Study VFX Legion & How to Get Away with VFX Dec 14 2016 View Case Study Titmouse & FOXs Son of Zorn Step Out with mocha Pro Dec 09 2016 View Case Study Sandwich Video Streamlines Messaging with mocha Oct 26 2016 View Case Study Nice Shoes Creative Studio Keeps it Clean with mocha Pro Sep 19 2016 View Case Study French Music Video Director Stays on Beat with mocha Pro Aug 25 2016 View Case Study Artist Profile, FuseFX: Eric Hayden, Visual Effects & Compositing Supervisor Jul 15 2016 View Case Study Artist Profile, FuseFX: Brigitte Bourque, Digital Effects Supervisor Jul 06 2016 View Case Study Old Spice (Mutant Nightmare Remix by Nick DenBoer) Jun 03 2016 View Case Study BLP VFX Hacks the Creative Process on CSI: Cyber Apr 25 2016 View Case Study Next Gen VFX: Vine Artist Caleb Natale Apr 05 2016 View Case Study The Wizards of Aus: VFX Wizardry on YouTube Budget Feb 29 2016 View Case Study Artist Profile: VFX Artist Josh Johnson Feb 18 2016 View Case Study The Chickening: VFX Remix Wows at Sundance Feb 01 2016 View Case Study Artist Profile: Filmmaker Jeff Desom Jan 26 2016 View Case Study Mind & Machine: Crowdfunded Sci-Fi series Con Man Jan 09 2016 View Case Study Star Wars Awakens VFX Fever with Scorch London Dec 21 2015 View Case Study Mechanism Digital Meets Demands with mocha Pro Sep 03 2015 View Case Study Wolverine VFX Tackles Unplanned VFX with mocha Pro Aug 19 2015 View Case Study Sharks in Space, Earthquakes, and Zombies! Behind the Scenes with The Asylum: VFX and mocha Pro Jul 23 2015 View Case Study The Game Show Network Competes with mocha Pro Jul 22 2015 View Case Study Phosphene Removes Obstacles with mocha Pro Jul 02 2015 View Case Study Cinetic Studios Makes Quick Work out of Short Turnarounds May 21 2015 View Case Study Ingenuity Engine Plays Hero with mocha Pro Mar 30 2015 View Case Study The Molecule: The Smallest Details Count Feb 25 2015 View Case Study VFX Artist Profile: Roni Rodrigues BlueBolt, UK (Jupiter Ascending + The Imitation Game) Feb 24 2015 View Case Study ALKEMY X: HBOs The Leftovers Feb 03 2015 View Case Study Cinematic Masterpiece, Birdman, Gets the Award-Winning Rodeo FX Treatment Jan 05 2015 View Case Study VFX Artist Profile: Jack Grundy (TMNT, Game of Thrones & more) Dec 09 2014 View Case Study Team Fincher Turns to mocha for Gone Girl Nov 12 2014 View Case Study Tracking Shots is No Joke for Gloo Studios Nov 05 2014 View Case Study The Secrets of MysteryGuitarMan: From YouTube to Hollywood Oct 23 2014 View Case Study SLGH Tracking in the Fast Lane Sep 22 2014 View Case Study Zero VFX: Unseen VFX Aug 12 2014 View Case Study Stargate Studios: VFX for Television Jul 02 2014 View Case Study Park Road Post: New Zealand VFX Experts May 29 2014 View Case Study Freefall FX: Comedy Centrals Review May 05 2014 View Case Study Flawless FX: Creating Digital Beauty in Post-Production Mar 31 2014 View Case Study MPCs Animates Tattoo on Short Film: MrX Feb 28 2014 View Case Study Rob Legato & Brainstorm Digital: Wolf of Wall Street Feb 03 2014 View Case Study Rukus Post Jan 06 2014 View Case Study Freddie Wong & Rocket Jump Studios Dec 10 2013 View Case Study Hive FX on NBCs Grimm Nov 04 2013 View Case Study Uber Eck mocha for creative animation Sep 30 2013 View Case Study Artist Profile: Ben Campanaro Sep 04 2013 View Case Study Iloura VFX work on The Great Gatsby Aug 05 2013 View Case Study Breeders Title Magic for Analogue/Digital Conference Jul 01 2013 View Case Study DIVE VFX, Ed Mendez Mar 05 2013 View Case Study Big Sky Effects Tracks Any Device on Conan Jan 10 2013 View Case Study Pixel Magic Visual Effects and Stereo Conversion Dec 12 2012 View Case Study Harry Frank of Red Giant on mocha Pro Oct 02 2012 View Case Study HIVE-FX: mocha Pro and Grimm SIGGRAPH 2012 Aug 27 2012 View Case Study Tracking The Amazing Spiderman Jul 31 2012 View Case Study Saa Joki Massive Talent, Master of Post & VFX May 08 2012 View Case Study VFX on kta mnniskor Real Humans, SVT Apr 01 2012 View Case Study Evolve IMG mocha Pro assists on ESPN Documentory Mar 06 2012 View Case Study mocha user: Ralph Scaglione, FLYfx Feb 12 2012 View Case Study The New Generation: Corridor Digital Jan 31 2012 View Case Study Tomas Egger, Dinamo Films, Brazil Jan 31 2012 View Case Study TRIXTER Superhero Sized VFX Jan 09 2012 View Case Study Boundary VFX Feature Film Roto on Smurfs and more Dec 19 2011 View Case Study Identity FX and Conan the Barbarian Dec 05 2011 View Case Study Java Post mocha Pro & After Effects Oct 31 2011 View Case Study Gradient FX Friends with Benefits Sep 21 2011 View Case Study Interview with Ben Le Tourneau, The Operators Sep 07 2011 View Case Study Level 256, Scott Davids May 03 2011 View Case Study Identity FX, Stereo Conversion on Green Lantern May 03 2011 View Case Study Baseblack, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Apr 13 2011 View Case Study Look FX: Visual Effects on Black Swan Feb 08 2011 View Case Study Cameron Clark, Goo Goo Dolls Not broken Jan 18 2011 View Case Study mocha Pro in Commercial Post at Postique Jan 17 2011 View Case Study Nosferatu becomes Orlok the Vampire in 3D Nov 01 2010 View Case Study 3D Dimensionalization: In-Threes 2D to 3D Workflow Oct 27 2010 View Case Study Fabrizio Bonaga, Tiger Music Video: Face Replacement Oct 07 2010 View Case Study CIS Vancouver, Clint Eastwoods Invictus Oct 07 2010 View Case Study Compare: mocha Plus Upgrade Guides: mocha Plus Tutorials: mocha Plus Reviews: mocha Plus PostPerspective Review: mocha Pro 4.1 and mocha Plus 4.1 Review: Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro 4.1 and Mocha Plus 4.1 By Brady Betzel for postperspective.com Most people working in modern post production have heard about trackingRE:Flex creates visually stunning morphs and warps with aneasy-to-use interface RE:Flex in Action Crystal Light RE:Flex was used to warp water to appear as if it was coming off clothing


Frischluft Lenscare, Flair, and ZBornToy are Adobe CC 2015 CompatibleRetrieved 11/15/2009In some cases this means you can avoid tracking markers altogether and save time on cleanup laterCATEGORIES NewsEventsWebinarSalesNew ProductsTutorialBurning QuestionsIn DepthTip FarmMichele Learns Cinema 4DMaya MondayToolfarm Press ReleasesInspirationsBig Screen EffectsFreebies IN THE NEWS Info and Compatibility: Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro CC 2015 Top Tags 3d adobe after effects ae adobe premiere pro ppro apple final cut pro x fcpx free freebies freebie friday inspirations maxon cinema 4d c4d sale tutorial update Archives Action All Time July, 2017 June, 2017 May, 2017 April, 2017 March, 2017 February, 2017 January, 2017 December, 2016 November, 2016 October, 2016 September, 2016 August, 2016 July, 2016 June, 2016 May, 2016 April, 2016 March, 2016 February, 2016 January, 2016 December, 2015 November, 2015 October, 2015 September, 2015 August, 2015 July, 2015 June, 2015 May, 2015 April, 2015 March, 2015 February, 2015 January, 2015 December, 2014 November, 2014 October, 2014 September, 2014 August, 2014 July, 2014 June, 2014 May, 2014 April, 2014 March, 2014 February, 2014 January, 2014 December, 2013 November, 2013 October, 2013 September, 2013 August, 2013 July, 2013 June, 2013 May, 2013 April, 2013 March, 2013 February, 2013 January, 2013 December, 2012 November, 2012 October, 2012 September, 2012 August, 2012 July, 2012 June, 2012 May, 2012 April, 2012 March, 2012 February, 2012 January, 2012 December, 2011 November, 2011 October, 2011 September, 2011 August, 2011 July, 2011 June, 2011 April, 2011 March, 2011 February, 2011 January, 2011 March, 2010 February, 2009 January, 2009 December, 2007 January, 2007 October, 2006 June, 2006 August, 2005 May, 2005 October, 2004 Products Mentioned Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps $839.88 From $839.00 Upgrade From $69.99 Shop Now Adobe Creative Cloud for Education From $ Shop Now Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses $359.88 From $359.00 Upgrade From $29.99 Shop Now Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Teams & Businesses From $359.88 Shop Now QImportant note: The AE CC 2015 installer removes AE CS6, CC and CC 2014 by defaultMatthieu Wlazinski Compatibility After Effects TextEvo TextEvo allows you to easily animate your text with delay based on letters, words or linesFrom Todd Kopriva at Adobe: We have a bug in our API (application programming interface) for processing audio on the appropriate thread that prevents plug-ins like Trapcode Sound Keys from operating correctly^ VanHemert, KyleWhat is Camera tracker Camera Tracker for After Effects* lets you pull 3D motion tracks and matchmoves without having to leave After Effects


"Adobe After Effects 5.5 Ships for OS X"X-Splines have only one control handle for every point, this makes X-Splines faster to use for many peopleTrack the splineRetrieved 15 December 2016 Quick Tips! A planar surface does not necessarily have to be flat:We have a Planar Tracker which specifically tracks planes of motion, but this is not limited to tables, walls and other flat objects


3D Flag will have an update shortly for supportEasily tie objects and text within the context of your sceneChoose intuitive default behaviors, create customized previews for different triggers or revert to legacy preview behaviors with a few clicks^ After Effects CS6 11.0.1 update bug fixes and added gpu and 3D renderer supportExport lens data or render correction in the new mocha Pro 5 plug-in option 583ae2174f

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